From The Recordings Html


Take my hand friend and bring me far away
Into the grasslands of the north down to the misty bay
I like the way you move the trees so tall
The songs you sing with your gentle call
Sing a song to the wind

I know you don't really think it's true
As the wind whispers her song to you
You don't have to listen very hard
She will tell you things that you will need to know
Places where to stay and to go
Sing a song to the wind

Lift your head high and make a wish the wind will listen if you're true
Look into the blue Her words will mean much but be few
Sing a song to the wind

I watched her walking in the cold of night talking softly to the moonlight
I heard her crying and I've seen her dancing all alone
The clouds cry to when the sun goes down
The leaves will fall on the once green ground
Sing a song to the wind